Modern & Contemporary Garden Design
Clean lines & calm spaces in which to relax

Contemporary Garden Design in London

A modern or contemporary garden design often has sharp lines which are used to define spaces or areas and is frequently characterised by a general absence of the use of symmetry. Modern and Contemporary garden styles are usually based on geometric layouts which use scale and proportion to add 'drama' to the space.

Contemporary Garden Design in London

Architecture plays at least as big a role as planting in contemporary garden design. Sunken gardens, solid structures, such as pergolas, are often used in a modern styled garden.

The palette of hard landscaping materials used in paving, walls and seating areas is often understated and minimalistic. Limestones, sawn sandstone, concrete and porcelain paving offer smooth clean lines and surfaces that work well to create simple backdrops for the plants. Planting is often simpler and more architectural than in a traditional garden design.

Modern & Contemporary garden designs completed for clients.

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