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Garden Landscaping & Designing Services in London

Every garden is different, and each has a unique  set of requirements. Hampstead Garden Design can take care of all aspects of your garden design from conception, through planning and design to completion. The design services we offer include:

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Why work with a garden designer?

Having a beautiful garden is something which many of us dream of. A place to relax on a warm summerʼs evening or lazily unwind on a Sunday morning. So how do you achieve this dream…

Creating a new garden is a journey, which takes time and detailed knowledge. It is an investment in your home and in your lifestyle. One which we hope you will be thrilled with for many years to come. A skilled garden designer will guide you through the journey, helping you to avoid the pitfalls and expensive mistakes.

In designing a garden there are many questions to be answered, which can be exciting and also a little daunting to the inexperienced.

How to layout the garden?

This is possibly one of the most important questions. We can help you to think about how you would like to use the garden. A good layout design can make the difference between a mediocre garden and a fantastic garden.

Planting design.

There is a plant and for every soil and situation. The key is in knowing how to pick the right ones. We will work with you to design a planting scheme which will thrive in your garden and which you will love to look at all year round.

We can guide you through the details of paving, patios and pergolas, ever popular water features and outdoor kitchens and the placement of furniture and lighting.

And in order to create your garden we will introduce you to skilled, experienced and trustworthy landscapers who are as committed as we are to getting the details of your garden just right.


The Garden Design Process

We offer a full garden planning service and can advise on all aspects of planting and landscape design, helping you to create a garden which is beautiful and suited to your individual needs and budget. This process usually follows the following steps.

Our design process begins with a site survey.  We measure the dimensions and ground levels of your garden and analyse the soil and aspect to ensure that the design is tailored to your garden.
We work with you to design a bespoke layout plan for your garden, taking into account your lifestyle, tastes, budget and the local environment.  If necessary, we are happy to liaise with local planning authorities to obtain consents and have particular experience of working in conservation areas.
We are happy to introduce you to reputable landscapers who can build your new garden according to our detailed specification.  If you wish, we will monitor the construction to ensure that the garden is built according to the plans.
Each planting design is bespoke and is developed to reflect your tastes and also the plants which are best suited to your particular garden.  Plants are sourced from our network of local growers and nurseries, who can be relied upon to supply good quality specimens.  We set out and install the planting for you and are happy to provide planting maintenance, to ensure that your garden offers many years of enjoyment.


We can also provide…


Hampstead Garden Design: Services we don’t offer

Here at Hampstead Garden Design, we believe in specialising in the thing we do best. Namely working with you to completely redesign your garden, from the initial site survey through to planting the last bulb. For that reason there are some jobs which we donʼt take on.

However we do know lots of lovely people who do and are happy to put you in contact if this is what you need.

You can enjoy gorgeous plants and greenery whatever space you have available. Whether it’s a shaded courtyard, a sunny terrace or a penthouse roof garden, we’ll design a space that is perfect for you to relax and enjoy.

To find out more about how we can help you create a stylish, lasting garden, suited to your budget, please contact Sarah Oxby, Hampstead Garden Design to arrange an initial consultation.

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